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Simon Scans Review

Reviewed: 2012-12-12
Quick site rank and complete review of Simon Scans | Categories: Legal Teens, Amateur, Babes

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gold rank
Our Rating: 94/100

Quality of Content: 24/25

Purchase Value: 20/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 9/10

Content Variety: 8/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 8/10

Navigation: 5/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

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REASON: We have bad experience with the company running this site.

Tour Promises

Over 120 000 high quality exclusive pictures of the hottest babes, many downloadable video clips, frequent updates and many extras are promised on the tour.

My Opinion About SimonScans

There is one little "warning" posted right on the first tour page of SimonScans.Com - "Careful! The website you are about to enjoy is HOT!" - and I have no other choice but to completely agree with that. If you have been surfing Internet adult sites for a while, I am sure you heard about this one already. Being online for almost 5 years now, this site has managed to put an enormous collection of hot babes together.

It's quite hard to put this site into certain "niche", cause on one hand there are many true amateurs presented here, while a big number of pro or semi-pro models is available also. The same goes for the genre, you will find a lot of softcore posing sets here, accompanied with plenty of very hardcore masturbation pictures or videos. So let's define this site as a collection of hot women from both pro and amateur adult worlds specializing in softcore and hardcore photography :-) Oh, and let me make one thing clear right now, there are absolutely no men to be seen on this site, it's a pure women site.

Before I start describing the content of Simon Scans, let me point out that this is all original and exclusive work - no 100000000 times seen pics or videos. Frequent and rather big updates, assure that you will get about 1300 new pics every week, plus some video clips. With numbers like that, I am sure members have to love this site :-)

Navigation at Simon Scans is quite easy and flawless, using drop down menus giving you a number of choices. So you can either list all models and pick the one you like, use the alphabetical index, jump directly to the movies section, check out the most popular sets, browse the models by category (amateurs, first timers, pro models, MILFS...) or use the search function. I had no problems navigating this site and I am sure you would do just as fine.

At the date of my visit there have been over 220 babes available (a girl for every taste is available), each featured in multiple photoshoots and/or video clips. There is a short info about each model, so you can get to know them a bit. As far as I can tell, each model posed in various locations, including indoor and outdoor places. These pics cover a really big variety of genres, you can expect a lot of posing, teasing, masturbation, toys and some lesbian scenes. The pictures are pretty extreme sometimes - wide spread pussies, huge dildos ... and the girls seem to enjoy it :-) All the pictures are offered in awesome quality and perfect resolution (about 1224*748 pixels). You can also download whole sets as .zip files, which is great. I really can't complain about the pictures, girls look hot, quality is high - a top notch site so far.

The videos are stored in the movies section, and there is over 60 scenes available right now. All these scenes deal either with solo models, having a good time using dildo or lesbian sex. Every scene is cut into shorter clips for easier downloading and you can choose from two formats - WMV or Mpeg. I would also like to download whole scenes uncut, but I couldn't find that option. Anyways, the new videos are not cut anymore, so no big deal. I have tried a few clips, and they have been playing really well, easily zoom-able to full screen. Summed up, this video section offers a nice amount of high quality videos, not any huge number but it's a great addition to the awesome picture collection.

There is also a message board available to the members, in case you want to talk a bit with the others who joined this fine site. And don't forget to check out the horoscopes each month, it's not the usual one you are used to read in your newspaper :-)

Final Verdict

Simon Scans is an awesome site, no need to think twice when considering to join it. Really big collection of hot babes, both fresh and unknown or pro models is to be expected inside of the members area. Accompanied with a good video section, their picture area will take you a long time to browse through and once you are done with it, you can start again as the updates are quite big and frequent (5 times a week). Gold medal without a doubt.

Members Area ScreenShots

SimonScans - screenSimonScans - screenSimonScans - screen

Sample Pictures

SimonScans - sample SimonScans - sample SimonScans - sample SimonScans - sample SimonScans - sample SimonScans - sample SimonScans - sample

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User Comments

2011 Feb 28, 00:06, beirut
Excellent material and display. Site with class

2010 Feb 18, 04:06, Cardiff
Awesome site. So many photos of the best girls. Best site on the web.

Pissed Former Customer
2009 Dec 03, 13:58, USA
Stay with them a while and they WILL block your access and rip you off....happened TWICE with me, but never again. Their CS SUCKS and they don't care when they Rip you off! Good luck, you have been warned!

2009 Nov 17, 08:27, pakistan
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2009 Mar 30, 05:21, dhaka
thank you for the time.very very good porn

2009 Mar 06, 11:23, Europe
my membership is over - and i'm disappointed. The best is their very big photo archiv, their video are bad quality, updates were very rare (about 1 everey to or three day, with a week without any of them)
Be carefull: depending on your ip ccbill will bill you up to 40€ (more or less 60$) The site isnt worth that price!

2008 Sep 05, 17:47, shishkovka
i have backdoor to this site- it wonder!

2008 Aug 02, 11:03, UK
Good, but too many extreme closeups, insertions etc for my tastes.

2008 Apr 01, 10:17, india
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